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Let us provide information that can help you to make decisions when you build or do construction in Hawaii. A simple fact is that every place in world there exists rules, methods and standards for construction. Hawaii has recently adopted the 2006 International Building Code for that standard. Our company goal is to provide a complete service that combines the different parts of information, building codes and reliable years of design work. This helps for you (our potential client) to have confidence when hiring us to get the job done.

Building in Hawaii can be very daunting. Whether you are building your Hawaii home or starting a Hawaii business, be assured that we have done a wide variety of projects. If you need more than just drafting services, we provide construction/project management, administrative and consultation services that can be added to your project. These services further help in manuvering the construction maze that exists in Hawaii.

We all need a plan, and by starting with us you build a solid foundation with the construction plans. Builders have told us time and again that if the foundation is crooked, the walls go up crooked and thus the roof will be crooked. While plans are not the actual concrete slab foundation, it is just as important to get plans done correctly, straight and with a minium of errors. This solid foundation of a cohesive and current building plan will help any project to run smoothly to completion. We have designed homes from Hilo to Kona. From Honolulu to Kauai. And several businesses too.

If you are planning to build, always count the cost. Various sources of information will help you make this decision. Please visit the Drafting and Design page for information that we have gathered from some internet sources, actual experiences and local builders. But more importantly talk with builders. Licensed Contractors are your best resource, and they are the ones that we design our plans around. The ones who are doing the actual building.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please visit our Contact page for email address, phone number and even mailing address. We are only a click away. Hawaii Drafting is not a seperate company but a face of Accent Design Services of which we offer various construction services. One of the main services offered is Design and Drafting.

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November 18th, 2012
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Author: Irv and Donna P.

Accent Design Services created our house from a general idea of what we wanted. They did an amazing job of creating exactly what we wanted even before we knew we wanted it. But that was only the beginning; they stayed with us for help and consultation until we passed our final inspection. They went over and above many times to help out and I'm confident that, even now, we could contact them and they would either help us or find someone who could. Although we don't foresee building another house, if we did we wouldn't go anywhere else! Read more...

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